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Currently the department consists of 8 full-time consultants, 6 registrars and 2 medical officers. The department is also supported (teaching and clinical service) by a number of part-time consultants.

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology is associated with 4 hospitals in the Durban Region and the services range from District to Quaternary/Tertiary. (Includes Inkosi Albert Luthuli, King Edward, Addington and Stanger Hospitals.) There is also the possibility of Greys hospital becoming a more active member of our department in the future which will bolster our service and teaching capabilities.

In the past year, 2013, a total of (KEH 7000 + Addington 4960 + Stanger 2416 + IALH 3332) patients were seen at the 4 ENT hospital’s clinics in the Durban region, and a total of (KEH 525+Stanger 144+Add 142+IALH 629) operations were performed in the 4 ENT hospitals in the Durban region. This probably makes us the most active clinical department in South Africa.

Despite the lack of a Head of Department, shortage of clinical staff and resources, the consultants continue to facilitate teaching and research in the Department. We are very proud of our Post-graduate and Under-graduate training and our clinical service to the people of KZN. We will continue to strive to improve our services.