Discipline of Ortorhinolaryngology

Postgraduate Students

The success of our Post-graduate training can be gauged by our pass rate. We have had 10 registrars pass their CMSA ENT finals examinations in the last 3 years, more than any other University in SA. This includes four whites, four Indians and 2 Africans. We can boast the first African female to have passed this examination. In addition we have 3 African female registrars currently.  This confirms our commitment to transformation. We also had a gold medalist in this period, the only one in the last ten years in SA.

 Current Students :

Dr PBN Ndebele

Dr K Moodley

Dr A Yakobi

Dr M Khan

Dr WP Makhaye

Dr R Mungar

The department also has an intensive registrar training program.  We offer the registrars a full academic day of training on Thursdays, which includes clinical cases, seminars and journal reviews. Each registrar is also assigned a minimum of one full theatre day as main surgeon or primary assistant per week. The department of ENT also works closely with the departments of Plastics Surgery / Neurosurgery / Pathology / Cardiothoracic Surgery / Paediatrics and General Surgery.